If you’re a runner, you have already experienced what is called a “runner’s high”, and for those who haven’t, no, it doesn’t involve drugs. A runner’s high is when a runner experiences the feeling of being invincible, so to speak. The heart rate is up, your feet feel like they’re flying beneath you, and you feel as though you could run for hours. I. Love. This. Feeling.

Those of you who have read any of my posts may already know that I am very much into fitness and running. After weeks of training, not only for a 5k, but also for a half marathon, the hard work paid off. Today was the 5k in Granby (a small town near where I live), and I accomplished a personal record. (Woohoo!)

Granby 5k

At the beginning of the race, while everyone was lining up, waiting to take off, all hearts seemed to beat as one. Every runner was there for a reason: to beat the person next to them, and to push their own limits. As the starting horn shattered the silence, the race began, and 100 runners picked their pace.

The first half was all downhill, so you’re thinking easy race, right? Wrong. At half way, we turned around to begin the trek back uphill, and believe me when I say, it’s not for the weak stomachs. Don’t get me wrong, this was nothing extreme, like a Tough Mudder, but if you weren’t prepared, it may as well have felt like sprinting up Mount Everest.

This hill is what separates the weak from the strong. You either push through (even if you feel like throwing up), or you lag behind, slowing down your race time, all the while knowing the last leg of the race is right over that hill.

Your legs are cramping, your breathing is short, and you have that stubborn little rock in your shoe that’s been jabbing you for the last half mile, but none of that matters when you see the finish line. This is when the high kicks in.

Granby 5k-2

Every sharp pain and nagging rock leave your mind. It’s just you and the pavement now. Every ounce of energy is built into this moment, and you’re pushing as hard as you can to cross that line. Once that final step is made, satisfaction sets in, knowing you put every ounce of your power into that run.

This is what it means to be a runner; it is what keeps us coming back, time and time again. Here’s to the runners.

(Don’t let my smile fool you, I was definitely dying!)

*Overall race time: 29:35min. Placed 2nd in Women’s 20-29 age division.


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